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Super Liam

title:Super Liam
download page:link
genre:Side Scroller
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> Superliam is a side scrolling audio platform game from Lworks, ---- one of the first games of this genre to be released in an accessible form.

One day, a mild mannered teenager by the name of Liam is suddenly whisked away from his everyday school life by an eldily scientist, ---- Dr. Quork. A villainous robot by the name of X1, defeated 20 years ago by the Doctor has returned to wreak havoc in his attempts to conquer the world. Sadly, the Doctor is too old to go robot busting at his age, ---- so has chosen Liam to take up the challenge as his successor.

Thus in Superliam, armed only with a laser gun and a costume to make you look cool, you must guide Liam through X1's deadly world, taking on such enemies as robotic dogs, coconut throwing monkies and vicious bears, avoiding obstacles like drains, fans and flaming pits, take on X1's robotic henchmen in dramatic boss fights and! survive the robot's own withering sarcasm!

Working on the classic side scroller principle of moving left to right avoiding or facing the various threates, Superliam makes accessible a genre of games which has been popular in the main stream for decades. You walk left to right, with new obstacles and enemies appearing in the right speaker audio field, which you must either then shoot or pass. Of course, some nasties might try and sneak up on you from the left side, ----- and certainly some of the in game bosses will take a litle tactical work to defeat. Superliam's controls are symple to learn, and with a large variety of environments and enemies, unique bosses, in game music and some hilarious audio cut scenes, Superliam is certainly a highly atmospheric game.

No screen reader is needed of course, ---- though some sort of sterrio apparatus is absolutely necessary, ---- particularly headphones if possible for gaging the position of Liam and the things around him.

Though originally a commercial game, Liam decided to release Superliam as Abandonware in 2014, the above link should therefore download the full version of the game.

additional resources

As one of the first accessible 2D side scrollers, Superliam has gathered a lot of attention over the years with a number of reviews and other resources. Some of these will be listed below.

Max pain mod

The Max Pain mod was created in 2006, and effectively turns Superliam into an entirely different game by replacing it's sounds and music, though leaving the side scrolling gameplay identical. Starring as tough cop MAx Pain you make your way through dangerous streets fighting thugs and jumping over hazards like city drains and bombs.

To run the mod, download The max pain mod package and replace the files in your superliam games directory, though be sure to keep the originals around so you don't have to reinstall superliam again to play the original game. Thanks to the very awesome audiogames archive site for hosting the mod.

for more about Lworks and their games, you can visit the Lworks page on the audiogames archive site Where you can also download some older concept demos of Superliam if you want to see how the game developed.


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