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Welcome at AudioGames.net!

Audiogames, as opposed to video games are computer games who's main output is sound rather than graphics.

Using sound, games can have dimensions of atmosphere, and possibilities for gameplay that don't exist with visuals alone, as well as providing games far more accessible to people with all levels of sight.

This site exists as a community portal for all things to do with audiogames. Here you will find news, articles, an active community forum and our database of over 500 titles on platforms from Microsoft Windows to iOS.

If you've not played an audiogame before, strap on some headphones, try one for yourself and hear the difference!

Bloodthirsty zombies are still wandering around in the Swamp.

The awesome zombie maker and dominator Aprone have started to work on Swamp again. Maybe because the bloodthirsty zombies started to brake too many windows in his wearhouse or started to overrun the trailer on his truck? We don't know for sure. But he have started to update this old, awesome and very popular game again. Please read on to learn more about what happens out in the Swamp!The CTF (capture the flag) missions has been updated.Now you can play the CTF missions w... [read more]

June 08, 2018

Site updates April 11th

I'll give you a brief story. There is a site, it got updated the end! Ha! thought I was going to make up some sort of tale about legal cases, items of luggage, lawyers governmental employees or something else didn't you? well not today, after all any brief story I could come up with would guarantee to be a load of pants! Updates by dark: Idlefisher: miner cleanup. Updated links on Clok page to point to latest versions of Mata and Sneak’s soundpac... [read more]

April 11, 2018

Games create more games which means more games

It has been said that one day artificial intelligence will take over the world. This seems more likely given that it appears that audiogames can now procreate? Don't believe me? Well put a large collection of audiogames together and you'll quickly notice new audiogames come along. This can bee seen in the first of our large expanding blobs of gamingness, Crazy party which has expanded... [read more]

April 03, 2018

Site updates February 19th

Well by now everyone knows the score, or at least they should, which then makes you actually wonder why we bother keeping score in the first place if everyone knows it, then again  purpose of the internet generally is to tell everyone stuff they already know, so I suppose telling everyone the score when they know it makes perfect sense, just like that memo I got recently from the department of redundancy department, or the time when a certain IT service emailed me my Imail account pas... [read more]

February 19, 2018

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