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Welcome at AudioGames.net!

Audiogames, as opposed to video games are computer games who's main output is sound rather than graphics.

Using sound, games can have dimensions of atmosphere, and possibilities for gameplay that don't exist with visuals alone, as well as providing games far more accessible to people with all levels of sight.

This site exists as a community portal for all things to do with audiogames. Here you will find news, articles, an active community forum and our database of over 500 titles on platforms from Microsoft Windows to iOS.

If you've not played an audiogame before, strap on some headphones, try one for yourself and hear the difference!

Life, the universe and everything you wanted to slay

2019 began with some awesome and unexpected surprises, and they just keep coming. I wonder if its the year of the grass hopper? Anyway, we've got news of yet more  good things to stick in your ears, that's games not grasst grass hoppers if you were wondering. First off, New Horizons, Freeman69's fantastic space trading and combat sim has had an update to 1.1. Notable new features include the ability to take courier missions at alien and robot planets to earn extr... [read more]

January 23, 2019

New Horizons of 2019

It doesn't look like this year wants to slow down with new releases any time soon. A bunch of things got announced, and others were the exact opposite - they were never announced but came out of nowhere. And thus, a year in the making, R W Jeffs brings us New Horizons, a free, realtime space combat and trading audio game.If you played Elite, New Horizons borrows a lot from that gam... [read more]

January 13, 2019

Only a few minutes in

Yes as of this post its only been 2781 minutes since 2019 started, and we've already got a new game announced.Jsenter, developer of Friends of the prince, the world's cutest little dystopia, and Nano Empire where you get to create cute littel worlds of your own, is now going to get medieval on everyone. A few minutes of glory is going to be a... [read more]

January 02, 2019

Happy new year from audiogames.net

Well since it will be midnight somewhere in the  world when this is posted, this is just a quick message to say a happy 2019 to everyone who visits the site, whether your a long time member of the  forum. Whether your  new to audiogames, or   a random person who stumbled upon this site on the internet and are wondering about playing games with sound, a happy 2019 to you! Here's hoping for a Vulcan new year, that is long life and prosperity to all. [read more]

December 31, 2018

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