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Cycom Testlab is developing a new vehicle and YOU are chosen to test it. So get on board and drive!

'Drive' is a racing game completely based on sound. The object of the game is to test the maximum speed of a newly developed vehicle by driving as fast as possible. The player has to pick up boosters that are on the track to gain speed. The player is accompanied by co-pilot Bob and his obstinate comments.



Drive is a racing game, completely based on sound. In 'Drive' you will be testing a new vehicle named "Shuttle" at the Cycom TestLab. Your Shuttle is connected to a track. Your goal is to test the maximum speed of the Shuttle. This is done by accelerating and by picking up and activating boosters you pass on the track. You'll receive points for any boosters you pick up. During the ride you will be accompanied by co-pilot Bob. Use the cursorkey-up to accelerate. To brake, press the space-bar. You can gain speed by using Boosters. First you pick-up a Booster by pressing the left-cursorkey. Then you activate the booster by pressing the right-cursorkey. You can pick-up up to 3 boosters without activating them. Remember, boosters are only active temporarely. To reach higher speeds you need to activate multiple boosters.


General information

You have to install drive on your computer. Drive uses a network connection to check your high-score at audiogames.net! When a phone-connection is automatically established by your system, remember to disconnect it when your high-score is checked! If a network connection is not available your score cannot be submitted to the server. Hi-scores can be found at the link "hi-scores". Remember that your system must have a soundcard and speakers or headphones connected.

Note, we had to move the drive website to another server. The Hi-scores in Drive still refer to the old server. Please download the small patch in order to renew the score system. Can be done within seconds! Soon we will release the Drive 1.2 installer. Stay tuned and read the news at AudioGames.net!

System Requirements

Drive is compatible with Windows 98, 2000, ME and XP. We recommend a Pentium II processor at 350 MHz with 64 Mb RAM. All graphical devices will work. Screenreaders can be shut down, all actions in the game are stand-alone and do not need a screenreader.


Download and install the game on your harddisk. Drive will need about 130 Mb. It is not possible to run Drive directly from the CD-ROM drive, only from harddisk. When copying to CD please copy the installer, copying the program will not work.


Download Drive here. Note that for the moment we provide a tiny score patch, which lets you post your scores to the HiScores on this website. The old hiscores have been removed from SoundSupport.net. We will soon provide an updated version that contains the score patch too!

Project Information

About the Project

'Drive' is a racing game completely based on sound, developed by Richard van Tol, Sander Huiberts and Hugo Verweij. The project (2002) is a graduation assignment of the Utrecht School of the Arts (faculty Art, Media and Technology), in co-operation with the Accessiblity foundation. The 'Drive' project researches the possibilities of using sound as the main fundamental throughout a design process and the possibilities of developing immersive audiogames. The goal of the project was to create a non-visual computer game that is as fun and exciting as a visual game. The aimed target audience for 'Drive' consists of blind children in the age of 10 to 14, although a far larger audience has been playing the game in the past years.



The developers nor the institute of this program cannot be held responsible for any damage arising out of the use of this game, or for any mistakes in, or incompleteness of the information on this site. All rights of the producer and of the owner on the work reserved.


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