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Blastbay game toolkit

title:Blastbay game toolkit
download page:link
developer:Blastbay studios
release:2010, ongoing
features:text, sound
last edit by:Dark


The Blastbay game toolkit, --- bgt as it's actually an audio game. It is the first ever game creation tool made exclusively for the production of audio games, so that dedicated players will have the opportunity to work on creating their own games in a simple scripting language using a number of helpful custom written game modules intended to make the task of writing games as easy as humanly possible.

The actual process of using bgt is simple, just open a custom note document and write the script of your game, then run the bgt compiler which will package it as a single file (and even create an installer if you wish. While learning the game scripting language bgt uses takes a degree of concentration, sinse Bgt is exclusively made to create games, it is significantly easier than trying to program them from scratch. For instance, the game engine will handle all tasks such as memory management by itself freeing the user to write the actual code for the game. Bgt also has extensive custom scripting commands and modules to do things like handle output to sapi or various screen readers, deal with on screen text, play sounds at any desired pitch, volume and sterrio position, track time and even handle online information such as score posting, player accounts or artificial intelligence. Bgt does come with very extensive documentation , not only reference materials and examples, but also tutorials intended to take the complete newby to full programmer through all the necessary steps in writing games.

For proof as to whether Bgt works, check out several games in this database and in the new releases room on our forum, since there is still a large community of people wirking with Bgt and designing new games, some of which have been truly ground breaking.

For a quick look at some of the things possible with bgt, as well as having some great code examples to check out, several example games by various authors are posted to the bgt webpage at the above link. Note that for these free games, you'll need to have bgt downloaded and installed on your computer in order to play them.

Though at one time Bgt was a commercial product, now it's been released entirely as freeware to the community, so any budding game developers are very welcome to check it out and get coding.

If you've ever fancied creating your own games or just wanted to see how the process works, you could do much worse than try bgt.

For more information about Blastbay games, and Bgt, (including downloads of some of the original simple example games from the Blastbay website), check out This page on the audiogames archive site


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