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genre:Simulation games
developer:GMA Games
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Lone Wolf is a sophisticated, full-featured World War II submarine simulation game, where you pit your skills against the enemy's navy and land emplacements. As commander of a World War II submarine, you are given missions that you must complete. You will be pitted against destroyers, sub chasers, and mine fields in pursuit of troop carriers, cargo ships, oil platforms, and other prey. You have full 3D-movement control of your submarine in a real-time and realistic war environment. With seventeen missions and a module to create your own missions, you will have the opportunity to experience an almost infinite number of tactical situations, and with the multi-layered multi-dimensional sounds, it will make you feel that you are right in the middle of a raging sea battle.

Some of the features are:

  • Real-time game play, (that is, the game is not move based, and the game continues regardless of what you do or don't do)
  • A true 32-bit Window's application
  • Use of Microsoft's DirectX
  • Built-in speech delay routines that slow the game down to align with your speech synthesizer
  • Full on-line help
  • Dozens of easy to remember one key commands (?)
  • Multi-layered, multi-dimensional sound with up to 32 sounds playing simultaneously
  • Ability to hear your surroundings with the SoundScape radar, sonar, and viewer
  • Ability to create your own missions
  • Many varieties of terrain, such as sand bars, islands, caves, icebergs, cliffs, and reefs
  • 15 types of enemy vessels, and more can be defined
  • Ability to view your surroundings with sonar, periscope, conning tower, and radar
  • Customizable joystick support
  • Independently controlled deck gun and torpedoes
  • And (as always), much, much more.

This link will let you listen to´┐Ża demonstration of Lone Wolf version 3.0 carried out by Kelly Sapergia for ACB radio.

If your stuck in the game, you might also find these walkthrus by Raul gillegos helpful. You can find them on Here on the asmodian site

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