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X Hour

title:X Hour
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genre:Action Games
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X Hour is the latest release of VIPgameszone. It is a 3D sound game in which you are a soldier from a "very important" team fighting terrorism.

The story is that of a terrorist group that keep a nuclear bomb at their base. The terrorists plan to detonate the bomb in X Hour (hence the title). Your group must prevent the explosion and the terrible ecological disaster that will follow.
There's another problem, however. If the terrorists notice the group, they will detonate the bomb before X hour. That's why only 1 soldier must go alone and that soldier is you.

The game has 3 episodes and 5 difficulty levels in each episode. Your task is to reach the base of the terrorists (episode 1), to find an entrance into their underground maze (episode 2), and to deactivate the bomb (episode 3), while fighting off enemy helicopters, tanks and soldiers.

The game is grid-based, meaning that the playground consists of a set number of cells (like a chess board). You navigate these cells by cursorkeys. You check what's around by pressing the n-,s- ,e- and w-key, each corresponding to the north, south, east and west.
If you hear : "The way is clear", then it means that you can move to this direction through 10 cells. If you have any obstacle in your way, you'll hear a message about this obstacle. For example: "Mountain 5", which means that there are 5 cells between you and a mountain. If you hear "Wall 7", it means, that there are 7 cells between you and a wall. If you hear "mine 3", it means that there are 3 cells between you and a mine!
You can fire on enemy helicopters, tanks and any other enemy by pressing the left ctrl key.

You start the game with 10. If you lose a life, you start each episode from cell 1x1. If you lose all lives, you lose the game.

The game currently only works on windows xp and is therefore not being sold currently, however Vip gameszone are working on an upgraded version, so hopefully it will be available again at some point.

Additional resources

you can Listen to a review of the game here Originally recorded for Blind cool tech by some loopy person called Dark, but now hosted on sendspace.

Alternatively you can Click here to download to an audio demonstration of the game.

You can also read the documentation here

Xhour introduction screen


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