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download page:link
genre:Interactive fiction interpreter
developer:Andrew Plotkin
last edit by:Dark


Windows glulx is an interpreter for playing glulx format interactive fiction (also known as text adventure), games. Developed by the same person as the glulx format itself, Win glulx is in many ways the successer to Win frotz, just as the more advanced glulx format is the successor to the standard Inform, allowing far more advanced mechanics and games to be produced.

Win glulx, much like Win frotz is a highly accessible interpreter, not the least because absolutely all! clutter can be removed from the screen, including scroll bars, menue bars and the like. It even has a self voicing option with Ms sapi as well for those who may want that.

You can Find a list of glulx games here complete with reviews and links to solutions.

Happy puzzling.


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