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Pizza delivery

title:Pizza delivery
download page:link
genre:Simulation games
developer:Kitchens Inc
release:December 2014
last edit by:Dark


Pizza delivery is a rather delicious game from Jim Kitchin similar to his classic Trucker. As an intrepid Pizza delivery boy or girl, it's your job to drive around the large 100 x 100 square city, getting various orders of pizzas out to customers as quickly as possible. Be quick enough and you get rewarded with extra tips, however with the ever present cops ready to pull you in if they catch you speeding, as well as various hazardous encounters from irritating dog walkers to gigantic freight train crossings, this is easier said than done.

As with Trucker, the game is turn based with you selecting your speed of travel, however this time you also need to select your direction as well (sinse getting lost won't be helpful). On the plus side, earn enough money and more vehicles and options will be open to you, letting you really rake in the dough (no pun intended).

With a large number of very appetising sounding pizza toppings, as well as atmospheric audio clips (sinse Jim's goodfriend Homer Simpson might just be making an appearence hear too), there is a large serving of atmosphere as well as the deceptively addictive gameplay. As always with Jim Kitchin's games, Microsoft Sapi is used to make the game self voicing, and it is entirely %100 free to play as well.

Before installing any of Jim Kitchin's games, you need to download and Install the Winkit program found here This will create a folder where the other games are installed and a menue system for accessing the rest of Jim's games. it also installs the game of life, but if you don't want that, just run the Uninlife file found in whatever folder you installed the Kitchinsinc games in (C:\program files\kitchinsinc) by default. Running the other unin files also individually removes each of Jim's games separately.

Jim Kitchin sadly passed away on August the 2nd, 2015. To learn more about the late great Jim Kitchin and his vast collection of games, you can Visit the Kitchinsinc page on the Audiogames archive site Which also contains one giant installer so that you can get all of Jim's games in one handy package. Goodbye Jim, you will be sorely missed.


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