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Klango Network

title:Klango Network
download page:link
platform:Windows, mobile.
features:text, sound, visuals
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Klango, is the name both for a specially designed audio interface, and the talented bunch of Polish developers who created it.

originally used to create and run a couple of games such as Pirate memory game The initial concept of simply an audio environment for standardized developement of software has positively exploded into the grand and complex Klango network.

the network provides all the audio environmental and menue functions originally thought of as part of Klango, ---- pluss a hole load of other networking and internet type services, such as forums (including lots of audio game related discussion), blog pages, a software database for reviewing and writing articals about interesting audio software (both games and other programs), and a stunningly huge media catalogue with links spanning everything from online audio drama to self help podcasts to radio stations and public domain audio fiction.

Signing up is completely free, and once signed up members are encouraged to create content themselves, such as their own forums, mailing list, blogs, ---- and just about everything else up to and including the sound effects for the program!

Everything in the Klango network is audio, may be self voicing with use of Sapi or espeak, or may output directly to Jaws or window eyes, and features lots of nifty litle audio twists, ---- such as audio avatars in the forum and sigs for posts.

Obviously though sinse Klango has a page on this site, ---- there is more than networking and media.

Sinse Klango is stil a developement environment, people on the network can take advantage of a variety of audio tools and programs. These include a twitter client, a shopping engine, brouser for wikipedia and, ---- yes you've guessed it, several audio games!

Thus far these games include:

  • Skete, an audio targiting game based on the olympic sport, in which you shoot at a disk passing left to right attempting to hit as close to center as possible, scoring depending upon closeness to center.
  • long Jump, another olympic sports sim where you rack up score, this time by hitting the left and right arrow keys rythmically to run, then hitting space at the right time to jump.
  • Symple puzle, a game similar to the magic 8 or magic 15 puzle, where you have a set of numbered blocks arranged in a grid (up to 24 x 24), with one empty space, and by flipping blocks into that empty space you must arrange them so that they are in numerical order with the empty space at the bottom right corner. Points are given for speed and lack of wasted moves, and other shapes such as a doughnut to arrange blocks in are available.
  • Dice Poker, a varient of the popular Yahtzi dice game where you throw, see what you get, and have to put the score in a number of catagories.

Sinse all the above games are played in the Klango network, you get scores and lots of competition, pluss discussion of them on the forums. These games, are also all free to play.

Of course, the above license says "donation" this is because you can donate to the Klango network and recieve Klango points. This is a unique currency for Klango which can be used to buy several bennifits including forum avatars or file storage space, ----- pluss access to (thus far), one commercially produced audio game Mole no more, see index page

Generally playing games is only a small part of what Klango network does, and there are many others which it wouldn't be possible to go into here in any sort of detail, so your very much advised to download and investigate it for yourself.

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