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developer:Team Atorian
features:text, visuals
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Atorian is that rare thing, ---- a space stratogy game which doesn't blow your head off with rules, but does contain a sufficient amount of stratogy. Command your own galactic empire starting with one planet and a moon or two. Gather resources, build buildings to gain more resources, and research many different types of ships and weapons in order to defend your teretory and attack others. ,/p>

Research is one of the high points of the game, with guns, armour, resource management and guidence systems all having independent parts to research which you must then try to combine in good enough catagories to create ships which will be compitant in combat. Combat itself is easy enough, simply find another players' empire to attack, decide what numbers and types of ships your sending, ---- as well as what numbers of ships your keeping behind, and let your forces fly.

Another key component to Atorian is the system of moons, which may be freely and independently attacked and captured, ---- with each moon giving different resources and adventages to whichever empire owns it.

with many hyper complex strategical space games online, Atorian manages to strike a very nice balance, and sinse rounds start and end every four weeks, ---- there's no worry about being destroyed by a too powerful player who's had years to build up their fleet.

Access wise, though the game has graphics, all controls are list boxes and check boxes which the game makes heavy use of, along with a short list of statistics on the main page. Any screen reader which can handle a site as approximately as difficult as google should be able to handle Atorian without a problem.

though perhaps not for hard line stratogy fans, this might sute people who want a game with a less steap learning curve and easier interface, ---- though whether the game can be so easily mastered is another question.


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