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download page:link
genre:Arcade Games
platform:Online, shockwave
features:sound, visuals
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Gamevial is a small company based in Scotland who make online, real time graphical action and arcade games using the shockwave player. They decided that people lacking in site should be able to play their games too, so have developed some experimental web based games to test things out (any feedback to Gamevial on this or any of their other games is therefore very much appreciated).

While I have no idea what the name Aremapetol actually means,the game is nice and streight forward 3D action weerdness. For some unknown reason, you find yourself attempting to grab a bunch of coins located in a small, 3D maze and guarded by demon chimps, ---- yes Demon! chimps!

There are of course easier ways to make money, ---- but then again that wouldn't be half as interesting a game.

Use the up and down arrow keys to move forward and back, and the left and right arrows to turn. To collect coins, center their sound in the sterrio field and walk towards them but avoid the growling chimps wandering around. You can also hit the spacebar to activate your sonar and tell how far or near you are to a wall.

You are not completely defenseless, sinse you can collect power ups (the shimmering sound), for your gun which can be fired with left ctrl or enter, ---- though you might have to work hard to targit the evil monkies of doom!

collect all the coins, and you move on to the next level, which contains more of the terrible simians, pluss more coins, power ups etc.

Once you click on the shockwave link to start the game, just hit spacebar to load it, I for instructions or S for high scores, P to play and q to quit. Microsoft sapi provides all the speech, so no worries about voicing.

All Gamevial accessible games use the free Shockwave web player. If you don't already have that, you can Download it here


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