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All inPlay Crazy Eights

title:All inPlay Crazy Eights
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genre:Social game hub
features:text, sound, visuals
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Sadly All in play vanished from the internet some time in 2014 and their current status is unknown.

Crazy eights is another fully accessible online multiplayer card game from Allin play which with it's graphics, and it's capability to be self voicing with Ms sapi (or output directly to Jaws or window eyes), allows players with any level of site to compete against each other in one big online community.

Crazy eights is of course only one variation of the card game popularized by the slightly customized but stil identical in rules game Uno, ----- and is known by many names and variations, ---- crates, Switch, sweedish rummy or twos to kname but a few.

The object of the game of course is to get rid of all your cards, by taking turns with other players to discard one. Of course, the sute or value of whatever card your discarding have to match the last discarded card, ----- otherwise you'll need to draw a card from the pack.

Of course well known specialized cards exist to spike your opponent's wheel including the skip or draw two (which do the appropriate nasty thing to the next player), reverse, which changes the direction of play, and the crazy eight itself, which can be played at any times and allows you to choose the sute of play.

Allin play adds an interesting twist to the normal Crazy Eights rules, by adding scoring. yes, the winner scores points depending upon what cards are left in her/his opponents hands, but rather than these totting up to an overall game total, they are steadily accumulated and used to determine who gets onto the Allin play score boards, ----- though of course how many points you lose in accumulating your total are also taken into account as well.

The ability to play at a number of tables with varying numbers of cards and varying speeds of play, and the ability to send chat messages to your fellow players make this a very social game.

If you'd like to try out Crazy eights before subscribing, a 15 day free trial is available which gives you access to all features of the game, and note that whether trying or fully subscribing, you'll also get access to Allin play's other games, The anagram game and their two poker titles, Texus holdem and and Five card draw poker and Locum locution

For more information you can Read the documentation here

for a look at all five all in play games you can download this review posted on blind cool tech by tim keenan.

Thanks goes to Dean Wilcox for more information about this game.


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