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Welcome at AudioGames.net!

Audiogames, as opposed to video games are computer games who's main output is sound rather than graphics.

Using sound, games can have dimensions of atmosphere, and possibilities for gameplay that don't exist with visuals alone, as well as providing games far more accessible to people with all levels of sight.

This site exists as a community portal for all things to do with audiogames. Here you will find news, articles, an active community forum and our database of over 500 titles on platforms from Microsoft Windows to iOS.

If you've not played an audiogame before, strap on some headphones, try one for yourself and hear the difference!

Site updates January 16th

I'll make this short and sweet. once upon a time there was a diminutive, darling little cute fairy called miss snuggle sugarkins who lived inside a pink rose bud in suny honeysuckle tree gardens. She stood no bigger than a person's thumb, and had darling little fuzzy butterfly wings with hearts on them, and usually wore a pink tootoo and a pair of slippers made from soft pink spider silk sewn with good dreams.She spent all day working very hard, gathering  smoo... [read more]

January 16, 2018

Movement in the ranks

Just a quick update to let people know that they should falll  in! ten hut! You are the  sorriest, wimpiest bunch of weedy wet nellies I've ever  have the misfortune to meet! you won't get through basic training! You won't get through advanced training! you won't get through steam training! you won't even get through thomas the tank engine training! you haven't got a hope! so why don't we forget all this military nonsense and just get... [read more]

January 09, 2018

Results of the Christmas 2017 title competition

Well, it’s slightly later than expected, but here  is what you’ve all been looking forward, to (when you weren’t looking forward to hero’s call being released that is). The time for the final results of our 2017 Christmas forum rank title competition. See all the entries Here in this topic A huge thanks to everyone who participated, I can say judging was definitely tough for this one, but sadly we di... [read more]

January 06, 2018

Are you willing to answer A Hero's Call?

Almost a year ago, Out Of Sight Games launched a Kickstarter campaign for "A Hero's Call", an incredible sounding RPG promicing many hours of gameplay, a detailed turn-based combat system, many sidequests, and tons of original Music, Voice Acting and sound effects. The Campaign's $2850 goal was smashed in just 2 days. Ultimately, the project made not just over 9000! Dollars, but over 10000. This allowed the team at OOSG to add even more content to the game. It also gain... [read more]

December 31, 2017

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