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Treasure Hunt

title:Treasure Hunt
download page:link
genre:Action Games
developer:BPC Programs
last edit by:Richard


Synopsis: "Stop a mad cloner from completing his experiment!"

Treasure Hunt actually doesn't have anything to do with finding treasure so if you were expecting pirates, think again. The game emerges the player in a complex mission in which the player must stop the insane cloner James Brutus from completing a mad experiment. As an FBI agent, you are taken to Brutus's house and must navigate his underground laboratory, your primary goal being to destroy the cloneing machine. You are equipped with a hand gun, and sword (what a combination?). Your TSS will be the means by which the FBI have contact with you, guiding you through your mission. The Audient will be used to power your scope which has a range of twenty feet, and more.

Treasure Hunt is a full 3-D environment, with cut-edge action which will have you sweating after the first section of your mission! Experience high-level 3-D sounds and music! Stay on your toes fighting off guards and looking for hidden items you just know are there!

the last few updates of Treasure Hunt contain new weapons like the Mental Capacity Breacher (a weapon that allows the player to take full control of a guard and Poisoned Needles (with which the player may now poison guards). The guards themselves have also improved. They've got footsteps, can open doors, may move in 4 directions and, best of all, they now have a memory. This means a guard will remember the player if he runs away and therefore will search for him. The Audient now has "duel vision", which means that an object will not block its view from seeing the other object relative to it. The player is notified by TSS when he enters the Supply, Weaponry, or Control Panel rooms.

The game used to be sold by Bpc programs for 25 dollars, however with Bpc no longer being around as a developer, the game can not be bought anymore. The above link will download the more limited demo version of the game, from the great audiogames archive site where it is now hosted.


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