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Tombhunter, mysteries of the ancients

title:Tombhunter, mysteries of the ancients
download page:link
genre:Side Scroller
developer:USA Games
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Mysteries of the Ancients is the first in what is intended to be a series of action/adventure games, chronicling the exploits of the daring Archaeologist Dr. Angela Carter as she breaks into ancient ruins in search of priceless artifacts, ----- solving puzles and mowing down hoards of antique nasties with a wide selection of guns in the process.

Though future games in the Tombhunter series are going to be 3D, this first outing of Dr. Carter's is a 2D side scrolling game, ---- though stil possessing the large amounts of action and exploration which will hopefully mark later 3D games.

After hereing of The goddess Athena's mystical orb of wisdom contained deep within some trap wridden ancient greek ruins, Dr. Carter sets off to try and retrieve it, ---- confronting such enemies as lightning hurling harpies, bow wielding centaurs, zombies and skeleton guards not to mention some unique monsters from griek myth such as the dragon Laden. The quest won't be easy however, sinse as well as these guardians, the temple also contains a diverse range of traps including boiling lava, bottomless pits, deadly spikes, poisoned darts and more! Fortunately, a variety of weapons and magic potions, from automatic guns of other failed tomb explorers to enchanted swords and bows from ancient griece, ensure that the situation isn't quite as desperate as it might appear.

With a range of actions from rope climbing to swimming, many a puzle involving keys and doors, and some particularly unpleasant intelligence on the part of the ruin's inhabitants, lack of challenge and variety is certainly not a worry with this game.

The game is self-voicing with recorded speech including some acting for Angela carter (though a synth is used in menues), thus meaning no screen reader is needed. Featuring incredibly high quality sterrio sound and music, Mysteries of the ancients is therefore an absolute treat to the ears as well as your reflexes and monster blasting skills.

If the demo is anything to go buy, the full game should be well worth the wait.

The game is currently under rapid developement, with a demo of the first two levels, ---- which may be played on all difficulty settings, to give an idea of what the full game might be like (though note that some of the nastier creatures and many of the traps do not make an appearence on these stages), which may be downloaded for free. Upon release the game will feature many more levels, and be priced at 35 dollars, ---- though a short playable demo will stil be available to give people a chance to try the game before buying.

The above link will download the windows version, but versions for Unix and Macintosh are also planned, as is a 3D rendition of the game as well.

Good hunting!


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