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Three D velocity

title:Three D velocity
download page:link
license:open source
genre:Simulation games
developer:BPC Programs
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Three D velocity is a very unique experience in audio games. not only do you get to fly a high tech military grade aircraft in full 3D sound, but you get to experience this flight in all it's details! control your speeds, carefully manipulate landing gear, even try to avoid blacking out through G force as you make tight turns. Every aspect of controlling a ultra modern, military aircraft is covered here from refueling to dogfights, so don't expect a standard arcade shooter. Even targiting your enemies takes skill and the ability to use your detection equipment well

If all this isn't enough, the game has a very unique story told through high quality cut scenes and voice acting. Playing as the crack Pilot orion, you begin by qualifying through a number of tests including airial races and mock combats against other pilots to take part in a top secret military operation. Should you qualify, you'll find yourself involved in a number of highly dangerous missions against a ruthless enemy who seems to know your every move. Tackle defenses such as gunships, cannons and hellicopters, and complete your missions successfuly to try and determine the true nature of the evil that your trying to combat.

ThreeD velocity features full voice acting for most of the cut scenes, but for things like status messages, ms sapi or one of various screen reader options is used so there are no access issues. Flight sticks and other controller types are also supported, as is the rumble feature to give as realistic an experience as possible.

With gameplay and concept very different from anything else in audio, Three D velocity offers a very unqiue experience, and is therefore absolutely recommended to anyone who is looking for a complex, multifacited game.

Though originally a commercial game, 3D velocity has since been released as open source via the code sharing community site github. Any issues please report here on the Gihub page Happy flying.

For more about Bpc games, see The Bpc page on the audiogames archive site


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