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Echo Quadrant

title:Echo Quadrant
download page:link
genre:Strategy Games
release:March 2017
last edit by:Dark


Echo Quadrant is what a lot of people have been longing for in audiogame for a significant while, a single player, spaced based trading and empire building game.

In the game you will take control of up to 16 fleets of starships attempt to create a stellar empire. Much of your income will come from cargo ships fulfilling shipping contracts on either the right or wrong side of the law, but also you will explore various quadrants of space, mine asteroids and planets for their minerals, eventually found colonies and of course research the technology of an alien civilization.

The game is entirely self voicing with microsoft sapi, and though initially simple in design, being entirely menu based, will prove far more complex in execution, especially when you find yourself having to grapple with pirate attacks, unfriendly colonies, and how to maintain a good enough reputation to avoid your various space fleets being seen as a threat and attacked by other galactic residents, indeed the game is intended to have a relatively steep learning curve, although the amount of information to understand is fortunately not too extreme, and with the simple menu based interface you can start grapling with running your empire streight away rather than have to grapple with the interface first.

The game has several sound effects, but most information, from the ship encyclopedia to the status of your various fleets and colonies, is spoken by microsoft Sapi, making the game entirely self voicing, the game is also %100 free.

Happy colonizing.


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